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PIM system: consistent brand image with reduced cost and effort

Web, app, print media, PoS, online shop, and marketplaces: Marketing managers communicate across a great variety of different channels today, and this frequently involves the use of several languages. Generally, several campaigns need to be managed simultaneously and tailored to specific target groups. In addition, existing and prospective customers expect high-quality, consistent, and comprehensive product information, whatever the communication channel might be. With the PIM solution 4ALLPORTAL, marketing teams can realize a consistent brand image and an excellent customer experience simply, quickly, centrally, and customized to the relevant channel.



At a glance: benefits of our PIM system in marketing

  • Central data management

    • Independent of the output medium: Be it for the online shop, catalog, or mobile app: Organize your product data in a media-neutral manner to create a basis for efficient communication.
    • Channel-specific advertising: Deliver your product data tailored to the particular channel, language, and region with little extra effort.
    • Central data management: Manage your product data in a central location, making data silos and the associated issues a thing of the past.
  • Process optimization

    • Process optimization: Integrate your ERP software with our PIM, automate workflows, and save time.
    • Error rate reduction: Ensure that changes to your product data are reflected in each location, so that people always access the correct, up-to-date version of your product data.
    • Shorter “time-to-publication”: Significantly reduce the time required for the publication of new catalogs or launch of online campaigns, thus supporting faster time-to-market.
  • Automate workflows and routine tasks

    Our PIM system minimizes the workload through more than just central data management. It also offers a number of automated functions that provide further time savings. These include digital approval and editing processes, for example. As a platform, 4ALLPORTAL brings staff from Marketing, Sales, Product Management and external partners, such as agencies and translators, together. In addition, it provides interfaces through which other systems can be supplied with relevant data. Efficiency is further increased through automated functions for generating catalog pages, converting images, and sending data to service providers for further processing. 4ALLPORTAL PIM also analyzes the quality of product data such as texts, technical data, and media. This will help identify any need for remedial action immediately.

  • “With 4ALLPORTAL and the digital asset management module, we finally have a central system that can be accessed by different departments as a data source. This allows us to maintain consistency in our use of image materials—guaranteed. As a result, 4ALLPORTAL is an essential part of our workflow today. In 4ALLPORTAL, we’ve also found a partner with an in-depth understanding of our processes and a partner who offers dependable support.”
    Ines SchwenderTeamleitung Werbung
  • “4ALLPORTAL help us structure our media data and manage it from a central location. The software is well-designed and very user-friendly, and the service was always professional. 4ALLPORTAL always had expert answers to our trickiest questions and problems. If we had to do it all again, we would still choose 4ALLPORTAL!”
    Janine BlechschmidtProjektleitung Werbung
  • “We were looking for a product that’s fast, can be connected directly to InDesign and isn’t licensed per user. That’s exactly what we found in 4ALLPORTAL DAM. It was also important for us to establish good contact with the provider, so that our product feedback would be taken on board and we’d be treated as more than a number. We found this and more in 4ALLPORTAL.”
    Sven FeurerBrand Manager

Significant simplification of day-to-day marketing tasks

Marketing managers and staff are faced with dozens of different tasks on a daily basis. The proliferation of communication channels and the increasing complexity of the product data are making it difficult to keep track. Even the seemingly simple task of finding valid product data for a brochure becomes a challenge among the jumble of systems, databases, and Excel tables. The same applies to making a simple change to an image, which generates a disproportionately large amount of work in such scenarios.

With our PIM system, the day-to-day marketing work can be simplified significantly: Instead of spending time on searching for and checking data, resources can finally be utilized for devising outstanding sales campaigns. The key element making this possible is the centralization of product data. As a single source, 4ALLPORTAL PIM not only enables data to be found fast, but also ensures its consistency. In addition, updates can be performed dynamically and across all channels. Marketing staff can thus concentrate on communicating with customers in a purposeful manner, as they no longer need to spend time on dealing with formats, channels, and languages.

Just the thing for you: our top 3 features for Marketing

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Product Information Management is more than just software or a project. Instead, PIM is a process that supports Marketing in remaining responsive and flexible in increasingly digitalized markets. At the same time, it helps optimize the customer experience and raise efficiency in the marketing team.

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