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PIM system: benefits to IT managers

IT managers who deal with product data architecture are facing ever greater challenges. It is not only the data volumes and product variants that are on the increase, Communication platforms and languages are proliferating as well. Important objectives, such as avoiding redundancies, ensuring smooth data exchange, and scaling, are very difficult to realize using outdated, decentralized systems. The answer to all these difficulties is 4ALLPORTAL PIM. It provides crucial support to IT managers with the centralization and reuse of data. Thanks to seamless integration and automated workflows, it also reduces the workload significantly.

At a glance: benefits of our PIM system in IT management

  • PIM Central data storage

    Central data storage:

    • Central data storage: Eliminate redundant data, decentralized systems, and the associated effort and expense.
    • Scalability: Make product data available effortlessly for new marketing channels and in several languages without increasing the complexity of your IT infrastructure.
    • Smooth data exchange: Stop wasting time on manual data transmission. Realize seamless data exchange with customers, partners, suppliers, and service providers.
  • PIM Integration


    • Integration: Integrate existing solutions such as ERP, CAD, CMS, and e-commerce solutions by simple means.
    • Outstanding usability: Minimize support queries. Enable users to retrieve, add, manage, and edit product data without requiring support from your IT department.
  • PIM Smooth data exchange

    Making central product data available across various media

    One key benefit of our PIM solution lies in the central and media-neutral storage of product data. For one, this will help you avoid data silos. Secondly, it will enable you to transfer the data effortlessly to traditional channels, such as print catalogs, as well as new platforms, such as microsites, e-commerce portals, and mobile apps. Furthermore, updates can be sent to all channels simultaneously.

    You will not only provide direct access to internal users, such as product, marketing, and sales managers, external partners, such as suppliers, manufacturers, agencies, and translation service providers, can also be integrated. This will allow you to realize end-to-end digital processes without media discontinuities and manual interventions.

  • PIM Userfriendly

    Simple integration with existing infrastructure

    Through the use of open-source APIs, our PIM solution will integrate into your system landscape without any problem. This also applies in connection with ERP systems, such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. It will help you ensure correct and fast data exchange. If necessary, you can import existing product data from CSV or Excel files, which will reduce the implementation time. A sophisticated user and role concept make for simple and secure mapping of the existing organizational structure.


  • “With 4ALLPORTAL and the digital asset management module, we finally have a central system that can be accessed by different departments as a data source. This allows us to maintain consistency in our use of image materials—guaranteed. As a result, 4ALLPORTAL is an essential part of our workflow today. In 4ALLPORTAL, we’ve also found a partner with an in-depth understanding of our processes and a partner who offers dependable support.”
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  • “4ALLPORTAL help us structure our media data and manage it from a central location. The software is well-designed and very user-friendly, and the service was always professional. 4ALLPORTAL always had expert answers to our trickiest questions and problems. If we had to do it all again, we would still choose 4ALLPORTAL!”
    Janine BlechschmidtProjekt Management Advertisement,
  • “We were looking for a product that’s fast, can be connected directly to InDesign and isn’t licensed per user. That’s exactly what we found in 4ALLPORTAL DAM. It was also important for us to establish good contact with the provider, so that our product feedback would be taken on board and we’d be treated as more than a number. We found this and more in 4ALLPORTAL.”
    Sven FeurerBrand Manager

PIM as ideal management solution for IT

IT departments are facing increasing challenges with respect to product data management. Marketing, for instance, wants to exploit new channels, such as online shops and e-commerce platforms. Due to shorter planning cycles, Product Management is also under pressure and therefore requires product data extremely promptly. In view of the mounting requirements, existing IT landscapes are increasingly reaching their limits. In many cases, adapting existing systems is no longer sufficient. Another issue lies in the fact that product data are often maintained in parallel in different databases, Excel tables, and unconnected systems.

By using the 4ALLPORTAL PIM, IT managers can overcome all the above-mentioned issues. As a central data source for all product descriptions, images, videos, technical data, and other information, it represents a simplified, streamlined, and powerful solution for product information management, and it improves and rationalizes information processing significantly.

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