DAM and Compliance: Protecting Personal Identifiable Information

November 12, 2020

In this webinar, our experts explain:

  • the risks and mitigation techniques
  • how a DAM system can optimize compliance processes
  • how to minimize the risk of violations in the healthcare sector with its industry-wide policies
  • why to have additional processes, techniques and metadata in place


DAM has historically been focused on rights management when it comes to legal aspects of managing assets. The introduction of GDPR and privacy laws has shown that assets that were stored for decades became a liability and, in order to mitigate the risk, additional processes, techniques and metadata needed to be in place.

Health and Pharmaceutical industries have already realized similar concerns regarding HIPAA and PPI forcing them to adopt these practices early on. Our experts will share the risks and mitigation techniques regarding protection of personal identifiable information for the DAM industry.

A Q&A session will take place so you can ask any of the experts on the panel questions. We will also run an interactive poll throughout, with the findings displayed to all participants and attendees. The results of which will be discussed by the panel.