We are excited to announce that our team will attend this great event as a sponsor. 4ALLPORTAL can’t wait to welcome you for the Henry Stewart DAM New York 2020 Conference, ‘The Art & Practice of Managing Digital Media’ on April 14-15! We’re pretty confident that you’re going to love it. Visit our booth to learn more about PIM and DAM

What is DAM New York?

  • DAM NEW YORK 2020
    DAM New York 2020

    Henry Stewart Events is the leading producer of Digital Asset Management content worldwide. DAM New York is a unique environment to exchange knowledge, share experiences and build long lasting professional networks. Over 100+ speakers across 60+ sessions covering Metadata, Integration, AI, Automation, Creative Operations, Corporate Archives, Video Workflow, Rights Management, Semantics, Governance and more.

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Bringing Clarity to your Retail Content with Digital Asset Management

Join our following Pre-Event Webinar and sessions we participate at the event itself:

Date:  Wednesday, April 1st at 6:00pm – 7:00pm CEST

Topic: During this webinar, DAM Guru Matthew Patulski will discuss strategies for retailers to utilize Digital Asset Management as part of an ecosystem or platform approach to deliver consistent, relevant digital content to retailers, their product partners, and consumers. As part of this session, topics such as metadata, rights management, content syndication, brand standards, legal compliance and others.

Webinar participants will leave equipped with concepts and language to advocate for improvements to their business processes with Digital asset Management.


Speaker:     Dominic Vieregge, Director Sales & Marketing – 4ALLPORTAL
                    Matthew Patulski, Project Manager – CyanGate


Date:  Tuesday, April 14 at 2:20pm

Topic:  After New York 2019 we won the Bake Off in San Diego for the 2nd time in a row. Will New York 2020 be the THIRD TIME for 4ALLPORTAL and CyanGate to win the Great DAM Bake Off?

The Great DAM Bake Off is a forum to provide attendees with succinct, comparative presentations on the latest DAM solutions.

DAM vendors will present a series of short, focused demos showing how their systems address specific business use cases. Attendees will help crown the “DAM New York 2020 Tastiest DAM” in a fast-paced entertaining set of competitive demos.

Expert judges will offer commentary, both attendees and the judges can ask tough questions, but YOU vote for the winner. Which system soufflé will rise to the top?


Date:  Wednesday, April 15 at 10:10am

Topic:  Retailers face different challenges in producing and distributing digital content. Learn more how to tackle these challenges during our TechLab with DAM Consultant Matthew Patulski.

Speakers:   Daniel Luecke, Director Software Solutions – 4ALLPORTAL
                    Matthew Patulski, Project Manager – CyanGate

DONT MISS OUT: How we looked for a DAM to work for us and not the other way around with
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Date:  Tuesday, April 14 at 2:20pm

Topic:  Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is one of the premier pediatric healthcare facilities and primary care providers in the world, offering the best available care and support for its patients. HIPPA, GDPR, regulatory requirements galore.

Healthcare is relatively new to the world of DAM and the use case is a bit unique. In this session you will hear how one of the largest children’s hospitals in the world is using their DAM and the challenges they faced during the process of search and implementation. We’ll dive into what makes their use case unique and hear what their long term vision is for the future of their DAM:

Why HIPAA compliance is a must

Why DAM and PIM functionality are needed

A different view of Rights Management

Why custom reporting is a must

The importance of integrations


Speakers: Dario Mescia, Art Director, Creative Operations Manager


Seek and you shall find: our 4ALLPORTAL solutions for digital media asset management ­– for professional digital media asset management, automated catalogue production, uniform branding and reliable, expert IT services and infrastructure.

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