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And here it is - the latest 4ALLPORTAL update.  
There are all kinds of new features and improvements to come. They will help you get the most out of your 4ALLPORTAL.  

Learn more about video editing directly in 4ALLPORTAL and keeping your apps and functions up-to-date via app management.  

In this blog, you get an overview and detailed information about all updates and improvements. 

Edit videos without using an additional program 

Easy video editing

Videos are a great way to present your content and are very popular on social media. Instead of writing a long text, you can provide information about products in short videos.  
LinkedIn allows you to upload videos with a length between 3 sec to 10 min, whereas for Facebook it’s a maximum of 15 sec… Besides that, you have to adapt the format to the vertical Facebook story… And all small changes have to be done by the editing team… And this is just because you don't have the right editing program yourself? 

Watch out! We have something for you! Edit your videos directly in 4ALLPORTAL and give them the final touch without using any additional software.  
From now on, you don't have to bother your editing team. Sharing your stories with your audience is now much faster and easier. 

Sounds great? Then let’s start. 

Automatic cleanup of deleted files, objects and old data sets 

High performance without manual effort 

Does it sound familiar to you? You are sitting in front of your computer, want to get your work done, but experience performance problems?  
The reason might be deleted items such as apps, files or programs. At some point, they are taking up your storage space. Deleting and cleaning them over and over again is quite time-consuming. 
With 4ALLPORTAL, you don't have to worry about performance problems. The system itself continuously removes deleted files and objects from the database.
This way, more storage space is created.

View on the system as another 4ALLPORTAL user 

Easier testing of changes and reproducing of problems 

Your company is growing and changing? Great! All new employees will need access to current data. For sure, not everyone should have access to any data and be allowed to do everything. That’s why there are different roles with appropriate access rights. You can create them quickly in your system and adjust them at any time. 

Do you want to see what other users see, check if the default settings are correct and if the access rights work?  
Impersonation, also called identity change, is the keyword here. This identity change allows administrators to switch to the relevant role without having to log in manually. 
This way, you can see at a glance all the default settings, access and feature permissions applied to the user. If necessary, you can make adjustments immediately. It’s also easier to reproduce problems and fix them faster. 

Detect and correct errors at an early stage using protocol 

Fewer problems, more benefits 

When your daily work consists of using various programs, it’s normal to encounter problems, errors and error messages. What happens if you can't solve them because you just don’t understand them? Most probably you will call your colleague or ask Google… 

In many cases, problems are noticed too late or not at all. How often have you sent an important e-mail, but it never arrived? Such things interfere with the workflow. 

Our solution: Administrators can now monitor incidents and logs via log overview on their own, and check whether everything is running smoothly. 
Thus, they can identify problems or anomalies very quick. They are able to react on time and solve them before users even notice the problem. 

New: Update in an autonomous, simple and secure manner - regardless of the number of apps or functions 

Just as flexible as your business

Over time, not only the number of assets grows, but also the requirements regarding your DAM. For instance, more interfaces to other systems like CMS or online stores are required. Thus, you need new apps, features and updates. 

No problem! Because your 4ALLPORTAL grows with you and can be adapted at any time. You always get the latest features and improvements through regular updates. Thus, your 4ALLPORTAL remains just as flexible as your company.  

And the best thing about the improved app management is that you can import your updates very easy on your own.  
4ALLPORTAL ensures a successful installation of updates - regardless of the number of apps or functions. 
It always shows you the current status of the apps including all important information! 

That way, your data can be managed in an efficient way directly in 4ALLPORTAL, both now and in the future. So, are you in? 

Distribute and manage access rights globally - for features and modules 

More options for high protection of your assets 

Many departments, many assets. Imagine that everyone could edit and possibly delete every asset. That would be devastating! 
That’s why you decided that only the Marketing department should have access to the image editing function. But how can you implement that in your system? 

Try this: access rights management! 

This way, each user gets the corresponding access rights for functions and modules - even globally.  
With just one click, you disable the image editing function for all and make it available only for the Marketing department. 

The biggest advantage of your DAM system is not only to manage and organize assets efficiently. You can also specify who sees what, which assets can be used and who has which role. Administrators can easily adjust all the rights via the user interface. You define who can access which feature or module. Thus, you have full transparency and control over access rights. 

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