Digitalization at Universities as a Result of COVID-19

Digitalization at Universities as a Result of COVID-19

While working from home is gradually becoming the norm in numerous companies in Germany, many universities and other higher education institutions are still struggling to replace classroom education with online lectures.

In line with federal government guidelines, universities across Germany have temporarily closed lecture halls and seminar rooms, and switched to online lectures.

What sounds at first like a dream for many students is something of a nightmare for the academics in charge of the faculties. After all, this is a problem that cannot be solved simply by moving lectures online.

While it may be easy to realize online conferences via conference tools such as ZOOM, universities are, in many cases, facing additional challenges such as the distribution of teaching materials and general data protection issues.

Central points of access for students in the corona period

Having worked with a number of prestigious universities, we at 4ALLPORTAL are already familiar with the problems faced by universities and other higher education institutions every day. Drawing on that experience, we can confidently say that most of the aforementioned challenges are not new — not even in the age of corona.

In this context, a “Digital Asset Management” (DAM) system represents one tried-and-tested solution for providing centralized access to content and teaching materials that could come up in the exam. These systems are multifunctional media databases for secure, centralized data management.

Personalizable user management allows you to define clear hierarchies for access to the content in the system. As a result, each student is given their own login details for the system, which means they will only be shown materials for courses they are taking.

This allows lecturers to publish their teaching materials in a targeted way, without having to use mass-mails with poor delivery rates.

DAM systems for universities

DAM systems such as the 4ALLPORTAL DAM also have various interfaces that make it possible to dock third-party systems (e.g. learning platforms). The system also allows the automated data exchange of information between the respective systems. That, in turn, is useful for updating datasets in the DAM as soon as an important change has been carried out on the learning platform.

Ultimately, there are numerous applications in which a DAM solution can be useful. These include:

●         Centralized dispatch of invitations to online lectures

●         Centralized provision of study documents

●         Activity overview (for lecturers and students)

●         Secure access (data-protection compliant)

●         High integrability thanks to flexible interfaces (REST-APIs)

●         Highly personalizable rights/access management

●         Intuitive use for all age groups

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