TOP 5 digital marketing trends 2020

TOP 5 digital marketing trends

Marketing is the central key to corporate success - which means staying up to date and not to losing sight of the latest trends from the digital world should be compulsory. 2020 might seem like an outlier, but the digital trends that it’s manifested will put marketing on a different trajectory. To make it easy for you, we’ve summarized the 5 most important digital marketing trends in 2020 for you here:

1. Shoppable posts: Products can be purchased directly via social media posts or ads and you don't have to leave the page/app. Shoppable Posts are not new, but, as people continue to shop from home, are becoming increasingly relevant.

2. Interactive e-mails: A picture is worth a thousand words: embellish e-mails with pictures, buttons and videos.

3. Programmatic advertising: With the help of advanced software solutions, ads are analyzed, optimized and automatically adjusted to the preferences of the target group.

4. Vlogging: Video blogs are very personal and direct because they allow you to address your audience directly. This creates a personal and stronger connection with the customer.

5. Micro-influencers: For many companies it makes sense to work with-known influencers. They are less expensive and still have direct contact to their many followers.

All trends have one thing in common: to address and inspire your customers. Are you exploiting the digital marketing trends of 2020?

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