2 worlds, one goal: Advocating children and families

4ALLPORTAL donates €4,000 to the Kinderschutz-Zentrum

The digital world of developing and fostering complex software and IT solutions – this is our home. Yet there’s another, equally complex world looking after the well-being of children, young people and their families. Our €4,000 donation to the Kinderschutz-Zentrum now links us to one another.

“Entrepreneurship and social engagement on a local level are two sides of the same coin. Thus, we have been supporting regional projects for some years now. This year, we want to make a small contribution to supporting families and their children who are having a difficult time,” Bernd Vieregge, 4ALLPORTAL stockholder explains. “We quickly agreed that the Kinderschutz-Zentrum is the right partner for us. The project is dedicated to family counselling with a focus on children whose parents suffer psychological or addiction disorders.”

“Donating to us is a good investment,” Pia Eckmann, director of the family advice centre, announces happily. Earlier donations have gone towards acquiring diagnostic material for boys and girls. “The children will be thrilled to see a playroom better equipped with therapeutic games,” Eckmann emphasized. The 12-person staff working at Boehmerstrasse 13 is obligated to raise €25,000 annually to supplement public funds. “That is no easy task that cannot be fulfilled with our annual Duck Race (Entenrennen) in Guetersloh City Park. So, donations from businesses such as 4ALLPORTAL are all the more important to us,” Eckmann confirms.