4ALLPORTAL Digital Asset Management:
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Digital Asset Management (DAM) - More Than an Image Database

Our digital asset management (DAM) software packs a real punch! You can use it as a media and image database, or you can use it to easily manage all kinds of files (called assets) from different sources – like videos, PDF files, photos, InDesign files and Office documents – in one central system.


  • Save Time

    Concentrate your time and resources on strategic progress, and leave coordination efforts to your DAM.

  • Increase Visibility

    Monitor a variety of service providers with your DAM, maintaining a clear overview of all activities.

  • Maintain Design

    Keep an eye on picture and graphic usage rights and ensure a uniform corporate design.

  • Control Availability

    Make media data available to a variety of users at the push of a button.

  • Easily Collaborate

    Share media data with others, both quickly and comfortably.

  • Manage Costs

    Choose one of three excellent license models - cost transparency is assured.

  • customizable
  • 500 thousand users
  • modular Platform
  • productivity

Generous standard features: the basic functions of our digital media asset management

Seek and find assets

Looking for a needle in a haystack? That is no problem for our DAM, which will quickly and easily sleuth out the files you need.

  • Search for files using metadata, or find documents like PDF, InDesign, or Word files by searching for their content
  • Create and save search templates
  • Tag your assets with any number of keywords to make it easier to find
  • Integrate a variety of hard drives, storage systems, and network drives and visualize them

Organize and manage images and files

Organization is half the battle. With our DAM system you can restore order to your files, enjoy managing your images in a single, central location.

  • Create your perfect image database: create your own folders or library folder for your favorite files, and specify metadata and keywords
  • Create a cross-session download package in your outbox
  • Automatically generate a PDF from different layouts
  • Use the data transfer feature to track all downloads and check who downloaded what asset and when

Easy to connect & integrate interfaces

Do you want to integrate software that can be docked to existing systems and programs? The 4ALLPORTAL DAM boasts a wide range of compatible interfaces to help with just that!

  • Connect third-party systems (public assets, active directories, CMS, or ERP ) to the DAM with ease and continue working with your usual tools
  • Securely and stably host the 4ALLPORTAL DAM system in-house for partner companies or business clients

Maintain and version data

Data maintenance is the be-all and end-all of data management, so it makes sense that our DAM offers lots of ways to maintain your data.

  • Easily define tailored metadata fields to sort your assets
  • Sort documents by text type, such as press release, advert or whitepaper
  • Assign assets to different item numbers or product categories
  • Keep track of the edit history for each file and choose between individual file versions

Share media and work with others

Want to take your teamwork to the digital level? Our DAM makes it easy by efficiently structuring your work processes.

  • Share assets with people without access to the module
  • Create your own asset library that is only accessible to select project teams
  • Assign concrete to-do lists to individual team members
  • Set deadlines, create task schedules, and check the status of each task in the pipeline
  • Shopware logo
    “We have found with the 4ALLPORTAL DAM much more than just a system to structure our flood of data: in addition to data administration and file management, we now also handle the majority of our work processes and the associated communication via one central system. In addition, we have integrated a great feature with the full text search, which literally lets us find the needle in the text haystack!”
    Helen KamenderMarketing Manager
  • Leonardo logo
    "There were situations where truly excellent photos never made it to the printers because only a small percentage of the staff knew of their existence. For all of the above reasons, glaskoch began their quest for an appropriate digital asset management software. Their search led them to 4ALLPORTAL working out of Gütersloh."
    Oliver KleineManaging Director
  • Schindler logo
    “We were looking for a product that’s fast, can be connected directly to InDesign and isn’t licensed per user. That’s exactly what we found in 4ALLPORTAL DAM. It was also important for us to establish good contact with the provider, so that our product feedback would be taken on board and we’d be treated as more than a number. We found this and more in 4ALLPORTAL.”
    Sven FeurerBrand Manager

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DAM System: Invest in the future of your company

Optimized and efficient processes are a key factor regarding the success of a company in the contrast of the global market. This is where Digital Asset Management (DAM) can come to play: A DAM system targets the central management of a company’s media files. This is better known as Media Asset Management: Its key task is to bring several different media files with different formats together based on their metadata using one single software.

Fast selection of media files saves time

Using a DAM software the meta-tagging of your media files is highly simplified. That means every file will be sticked to keywords which then allow a very easy classification and categorization. This way tagged media files are more accessible because they are found more easily. Digital Asset Management does exist for a very long time already: It was utilized in the publishing industry since more than 20 years and is replacing large monolithic archives step-by-step.

What are the advantages of good Media Asset Management?

With a good DAM system your company profits from a significant gain in time: Traditional picture search in several single files maybe even located on different machines does actually cost very much time and thus is disrupting valuable resources – resources your team could well need in other places and with other tasks. A good DAM system allows users with the task of file searching to find a specific file within seconds using categorization and meta-tagging. This way, your team members can quickly refocus on other tasks again. The DAM software can be utilized in every company department so that the selection of media files can be achieved without an increasing effort.