Our product information management system: take control of your data chaos

A product information management system can issue all data – including product texts, images, documents and drawings – multilingually to different output channels, including apps, online stores and distribution platforms. Your product information will therefore be bundled into a single system managed by you. This results in a process that is constantly evolving and always up to date. We know that using and maintaining your data is vitally important – and that’s precisely why you’re in good hands with us.



  • Product information management system
  • Product information management
  • Content management system
  • Product database
  • PIM

  • 400% shorter time to market

  • 33% lower acquisition costs for new customers

  • 23% fewer returns

Be more efficient

  • Reduce product data maintenance through centralised data storage
  • Improve data quality with media-neutral management
  • Enhance your points of sale
  • Reinforce customers’ purchasing decisions
  • Optimise channel-specific exports of your product data
  • Accelerate your go-to-market
  • Reduce complaints and returns

What benefits can a product information management system offer me?

Approach target groups more successfully with better product information
People only consider purchasing a product if it can improve a situation for someone, whether by solving a problem, making life easier or simply making them look better. In modern product marketing, communication is always adapted to the target group. Good PIM software enables you to optimise the relevant part of your product information for different target groups and channels. Of course, every target group and channel then receives precisely the information you choose via automated processes. Your products are sure to be even more impressive when accompanied by finetuned pitches and product data.


Merge information from different sources
One of the main jobs of a product information management system is maintaining and providing a centralised record of all key product information. This also includes connecting ERP systems like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle and more. Other software products, including software for technical drawings, translation workflows and media databases, can also be connected, allowing you to view and manage product information centrally in a PIM system.


Achieve a solid foundation for digitally transforming your product marketing
The modern world is digital and operates via digitised workflows. Data is delivered digitally by suppliers, agencies or in-house teams, and online stores, printers, retailers and partners now expect to receive product data in digital form. Those who neglect this digital data exchange will be left behind. However, the standards and systems for digital data exchange are constantly evolving. A modular PIM system boasting interfaces, connectors and integrations will allow you to embrace the digital transformation – making you a modern and efficient business partner.


Accelerate the launch of new products
Launching a new product on the market and positioning it successfully is a process consisting of many small steps. Some steps can be worked on in parallel, while others can’t be started until the previous steps are complete. Product information management software supports the smooth, speedy completion of each step towards your product launch with workflows and notifications.


Consistent cross-channel product information
The days when customers decided to make a purchase based on a printed brochure or catalogue are over. Today, customers are presented with a myriad of products through different sales channels. It’s therefore important that the product a customer sees in a report or online can also be purchased in an online store. The result? Consistent communications across all channels is no longer optional. However, without a system for managing your product data, it’s virtually impossible to guarantee consistency. With a PIM system, you leave the same, unique impression across every communication channel – whether in print, in your online store or on Facebook.


SEO for product data
There is one vital requirement for output channels used to advertise products over the internet: customers have to be able to find them. Your product descriptions must therefore reflect the search queries and preferences of your customers. However, since these search queries and preferences are constantly changing, you also have to continually update your product texts. Quite simply, those who fail to do this are discovered by customers less often. A PIM system will help you to master this task, ensuring that your products are found online before those of your competitors.


Quickly adapt product data for different target groups and markets
You need to tailor your approach to different target groups and markets. In a PIM system you decide which product information you want to tailor to which target groups and markets. If a new market is added to your portfolio, the system will simply expand its configurations.
With the transparency offered by a PIM system, you can gain an overview of all your product data and provide your target group with persuasive arguments.


More professional information exchanges with retailers and partners
Retailers and partners are often also engaged in the digital transformation or have already digitalised their processes. Anyone who is unable to exchange digital data in a professional manner will create unnecessary work for their partners. With the 4ALLPORTAL PIM system, you and your partners can establish an efficient, professional supply chain able to withstand any challenges on the horizon.


Efficient collaboration
When developing a product, many different stakeholders have to work together – but often do so using their own tools and based on their own workflows. Boasting a range of functions, product information management software offers a simple platform for cooperation, transparency and quality control. Product information is maintained in a PIM system and is available to all authorised persons 24/7.

When does it make sense to start using a PIM?

Do you have to use several different systems to maintain information for a specific product?
If you usually maintain your product data in different systems instead of conveniently using one PIM system, a product information management system will give you a handy overview of your data. By creating a new, centralised storage location, you and your colleagues can keep all your product data in one place.


Do you maintain product information individually for each output channel, including your website, online store, CRM system or print materials?
Does your current technology force you to maintain or manually transfer product data individually for each output channel, e.g. your website, online store and customer relationship management system (CRM)? A modern PIM system like 4ALLPORTAL guarantees a fast, accurate and reliable data exchange between systems via connectors.


Are you unable to get an overview of missing product data?
What information do your customers actually see when they receive and read your documents? Is all of this information correct and complete? With a high-quality product content management system like 4ALLPORTAL, you can be sure of the quality of your product information – including texts, technical measurements and media – and you’ll know exactly where you need to add your finishing touches.


Are your employees unsure of where to get up-to-date product data?
Do colleagues phone and email you to ask for the latest texts, pictures and information on your company’s products? And do employees prefer to create texts and documents themselves rather than use the high-quality materials already available? A PIM system will provide all users with the right information in the simplest way possible. Combined with a digital asset management system (MAM/DAM) like the one integrated into the 4ALLPORTAL, this solution is available not only for product descriptions and technical data, but also for media, videos, manuals, technical drawings and more.


Do you have to comply with different legal regulations in different regions?
Compliance with legal regulations is not always easy, but it’s vitally important to get right. However, it can be a challenge to always take this into account when maintaining your product data. PIM software can be a big help here by offering you workflows, hints and tips for correctly maintaining your data.


Does duplicate content regularly cause headaches for your company?
Having two of everything may not seem so bad at first – but it soon causes big problems when it comes to intact data storage. Duplicate data presents users and software with questions that are often impossible to answer. Which is the right version? Which of the data records should now be maintained? And what information can I send to my partners and customers? Thanks to intelligent mechanisms, the 4ALLPORTAL PIM system automatically detects duplicate content for you – meaning that your data remains correct and unambiguous.

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