The successful implementation of a PIM system is crucial to a company’s success. This guide illustrates how you can avoid classic mistakes during the process.


Whether you are working with a trusted implementation partner or directly with your software provider, there are certain things you should know before the process begins.

The purpose is to create a consistent and central basis for all product data, but a PIM solution can only deliver its full potential if it provides optimum support with respect to the  company’s specific requirements and fits well into the existing system landscape.

It is important to bear in mind several factors when evaluating appropriate PIM software. Mistakes are often already made when defining the objectives and system requirements specific to the company. There are also several functional aspects that tend to be overlooked, which means that a system’s weak points may not show up until after its implementation.

In this whitepaper, we examine these and other factors, in detail, to enable you to avoid these mistakes.

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