We will explain how to make the argument to management and other relevant colleagues of not only the power of a DAM but also how it is ultimately an investment with measurable ROI

You will learn how to present the cost/benefit analysis, risk minimization, adherence to compliance rules and digitalization.

Well-structured and efficient media management tools like digital asset management (DAM) platforms, simplify day-to-day activities involving digital assets as well as ensure a high level of accuracy on the digital assets as they make their way down the workflow. In turn they help companies maintain a consistent brand presence, promote smooth collaboration, and increase legal certainty.

Of course, as an expert in your field, you already know all this. We’re preaching to the choir here. It’s not the benefits of a DAM you are trying to learn, rather how to express those benefits to key stakeholders who might not understand your day-to-day challenges.

The most common reasons for not investing in foundational marketing software are that the project is “not a priority”, “there is no time”, “lack of budget”, “no need for one”, and the old favorite, “waiting for a decision from someone else”.

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