Digital Asset Management (DAM)
Complete Control over your Software

Software in the cloud: a trend that is spreading around the globe. But what many see as innovative, others see as a risk. That is why 4ALLPORTAL is betting on both horses.

DAM – Own Server or Cloud?

Software in the Cloud has benefits and drawbacks – the same goes for the on-premise approach. That is why it is down to each company to make the right decision for them. Data protection regulations, security, and the flexibility to adjust software according to your wishes and to expand it: These are often factors that go against the Cloud but speak for storage on your own server. Public administrations are also subject to strict regulations due to their work with highly sensitive data, to the point that an on-premise solution is the only option.

Depending on your individual requirements, we find the right approach for you.

How Futureproof Is the On-Premise Solution?

Your requirements are always changing. On top of that, new guidelines and regulations are introduced time and again, which means a certain level of flexibility is required. To offer you the right solution at all times, we will offer and support our Digital Asset Management System and our Product Information Management Systemas an on-premise solution and as a Cloud solution for the long term.

The Right Implementation Partner for the On-Premise Approach

4ALLPORTAL works with select implementation partners who will support you in software installation, configuration, and maintenance.

For international projects, we refer you to partners from all over the world who will support you regarding your individual DAM and PIM projects.

Are you an implementation company looking for on-premise DAM for your customers? We would be happy to show you the DAM System in a demo and discuss the options of working together with you.


  • Modular Structure for Faster Updates

    Simple update rollouts are under your control thanks to the software’s modular structure.

  • Software Developed in Germany

    More than 20 years of development work ‘made in Germany.’

  • Growing Integration Possibilities

    The 4ALLPORTAL offers a range of interfaces that are continuously expanded by partners and as per customer wishes.

DAM and PIM for Public Administration

Expensive hardware with complex maintenance and an in-house IT department are popular arguments against software on your own server. However, public institutions such as hospitals and universities, and public administration such as municipalities and authorities, have already been backing the on-premise approach for years. Sophisticated IT infrastructure, appropriate hardware, and their own IT staff are factors already firmly integrated into the structures of such organizations.

That is why 4ALLPORTAL offers its DAM and PIM software in the Cloud and on-premise and will support both variants in the long term. Additionally, 4ALLPORTAL regularly participates in tenders and as a result is already aware of the public administration’s requirements and problems.

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Experience the 4ALLPORTAL DAM System:

  • Intuitive user interface with custom design
  • Real use cases suited to your requirements
  • Efficient workflows thanks to numerous comfort features
  • Insight into connectivity options for your existing systems
  • Add-on modules such as comprehensive product information management (PIM)
  • Review of the hosting options: On-premise or in the Cloud on a TÜV-certified server

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FAQs: On-Premise DAM

How Futureproof Is the On-Premise Variant at 4ALLPORTAL?

Many DAM and PIM suppliers now offer their software exclusively in the Cloud. This is also for good reason since the Cloud offers a lot of exciting advantages and is in no way inferior to your own server in terms of data protection. Nonetheless, some companies and organizations want to continue operating software on-premise. These companies also have good reasons. That is why we will offer and support our DAM and PIM software on-premise and in the Cloud in the long term.

DAM/PIM: On-Premise or in the Cloud?

This depends entirely on your requirements for the IT infrastructure. However, we offer both and will find the right solution for you together in consultation with you.

What Are the Benefits of On-Premise Software?

Data can be stored locally on your server, which ensures maximum security for your data. Sensitive data remain in the company and are not temporarily stored with third parties. What’s more, you can react to network issues significantly faster and rectify issues.

Are There Drawbacks to On-Premise DAM?

With your own server also comes the responsibility: You need your own IT department that actively ensures data protection or that can act as quickly as possible in the event of network issues. What’s more, you require comprehensive hardware and IT infrastructure that needs to be maintained.