IT expertise from a single source: receive top-notch advice from our Professional Services team

In our Professional Services team, we use the 4ALLPORTAL to create blissful synergies between software product, support and technical IT infrastructure.



  • Handfester Partner, weil wir uns mit Offenheit und Engagement als solider Dienstleister dem Erfolg unser Kunden widmen

  • Zukunftssichere Investition, welche heute mit einem Standardprogramm beginnt und morgen modular wachsen kann

  • Treffsichere Projekte: Wir analysieren gemeinsam die Bedarfsanforderung, zeigen Verbesserungspotenziale auf und entwickeln darauf ein zielführendes Konzept

  • Individuell aber nicht auf Standards verzichten - wir können Updates für maßgeschneiderte Systeme einspielen, aber auch Upgrades auf neuere Versionen durchführen ohne spezielle Funktionen zu verlieren

  • Out of the Box - wir kommunizieren reibungslos unter einem Dach miteinander und können somit erfolgreicher komlexe Anforderungen umsetzen

  • Starkes Know-How und Ambitionen in der Entwicklung von Software, IT-Technologie, Strategien und Prozessen, verschmelzen in direkter Kommunikation unserer Mitarbeiter miteinander

DAM professional services for you

  • Workshops: achieving your goals together

    Whether for launch events, specific 4ALLPORTAL system configurations or acute problem solving, we’ll work with you during focused workshops to answer important questions about the metadata and expansions you need, devise solutions for system integration and legacy data transfer, and agree on to-dos and concrete project milestones. We can’t wait to work with you!

  • IT consulting: well advised, not improvised

    The 4ALLPORTAL is precisely the tool you need to solve your problems… but you’re still not sure how to get to go-live. Not a problem! Our experienced consultants are happy to help you with your personalised project and will be at your side every step of the way. They will analyse your specific 4ALLPORTAL needs, define your technical and procedural requirements, implement the system throughout the company, and offer you years of knowledge and experience in IT project work.

  • Training: become a 4ALLPORTAL expert

    To exploit the full potential of the 4ALLPORTAL and master all of the software’s features, you need to be a dab hand at administering and using our software. Whether in-house, online or at our bright offices in Gütersloh, Germany, our training and seminars will teach you everything you need to know about using the 4ALLPORTAL. We offer admin and user training for different user groups, and run system and expansion seminars to help you understand the software and individual expansions. We also invite customers to attend our training camp whenever new features are released. Our trainers can’t wait to meet you!

  • Support: we’re there for you

    Our Support team is here to handle all your questions and requests on configuring the 4ALLPORTAL and its expansions. If you’d like to request a change or adaptation, simply send your request to our expert developers via our Helpdesk ticket system. Once this is received, they’ll immediately set to work making your request a reality. We’re happy to optimise your software package within the scope already agreed to suit your needs and will be at your side every step of the way with helpful advice and tips.

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