4ALLPORTAL Success Stories

We are proud of our work with our 4ALLPORTAL customers and like to show what we have: As a highly specialized, medium-sized IT company with a lot of know-how and infectious team spirit, we convince big and small companies of our solutions with Cross Media.


    visit berlin

    As a major Berlin tourist agency with a variety of responsibilities, visitBerlin cooperates closely with a number of tourism partners such as hotels, airports, travel agencies and event organisers. It also works with media representatives to promote high-profile city marketing campaigns. Cooperation with partners from different sectors is therefore part of the company’s daily operations and has to be built on a firm foundation. After searching for technical assistance, visitBerlin found the perfect solution in the 4ALLPORTAL.

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  • Schindler
    Schindler Story lesen

    Ende 2014 machte sich die Schindler AG auf die Suche nach einer innovativen und schnellen Bilddatenbank. Zukünftig sollte damit die eigene Produkt-, Marketing- und Kommunikationsarbeit einheitlicher und vor allem copyrightsicherer über den gesamten Konzern gesteuert werden. Bisher organisierte Schindler Fotos, Videos, Grafiken und Dokumente in mehreren Server-Filesystemen und Ablageorten. Daraus resultierten oftmals Probleme bei der Verwendung von Mediendaten,...

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  • Litho Niemann
    Litho Story lesen

    Litho was looking for a solution that would allow it to efficiently exchange data with its customers. In other words, it wanted an answer to the following question: how can we send highresolution images quickly and reliably to our customers?
    Some companies still use small JPG files, PDFs created from InDesign layouts or data libraries sent as zip files. However, creating previews like this takes time and requires the recipient to have the corresponding software to view them.

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