Litho Niemann + Steggemann: a media database for image experts

Litho Niemann + Steggemann: a media database for image experts


Litho Niemann
50 employees
Headquarter: Oldenburg (Germany)


Send images to the customer quickly and in high resolution.


Make assets selected by the eTicket available to the customer in one or more formats for a defined period of time.

Litho Niemann + Steggemann creates top-quality photographic material for well-known clients like Barilla, Meica and Gutfried. Litho was looking for a solution that would allow it to efficiently exchange data with its customers. In other words, it wanted an answer to the following question: how can we send highresolution images quickly and reliably to our customers?

Some companies still use small JPG files, PDFs created from InDesign layouts or data libraries sent as zip files. However, creating previews like this takes time and requires the recipient to have the corresponding software to view them. Litho wanted a professional program that explicitly avoids this problem. Our solution? The 4ALLPORTAL Digital Asset Management.

“With a so-called ‘e-ticket’, we can make selected assets available to customers in multiple formats and for a limited period of time. For us, it is important that our customers don’t have direct access to our media database”, explains CEO Matthias Steggemann. Whether PDF, JPG or video, the portal creates an identical preview for the customer who can click through the selection in their browser, enlarge photos and even browse different layouts – all without additional software. They no longer have to spend time downloading large volumes of data, meaning Litho can also use mobile devices to make quick decisions on the move. “The 4ALLPORTAL offers our company the perfect way to organize media data in real-time, whether internally or with our customers – who, incidentally, are also delighted with the intuitive userinterface”, sums up Matthias Steggemann.