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4ALLPORTAL Success Stories

We are proud of our work with our 4ALLPORTAL customers, and we like showing what we have achieved: As a highly specialized, medium-sized IT company with a lot of know-how and an infectious team spirit, we convince big and small companies of our solutions with 4ALLPORTAL.


  • CEWE
    AFP Marketing whole story

    CEWE is Europe's largest photo service provider, headquartered in Oldenburg in the German state of Lower Saxony. Founded in 1961, the company now offers a wide range of photo products in addition to traditional photo prints, from CEWE PHOTO BOOKS to gift items like printed puzzles and large-format wall prints. CEWE operates in 21 European countries and employs 4,000 people at 25 locations. Its B2B customers include retail partners such as drugstores and supermarkets in Germany and abroad. Over the last 60 years, CEWE has become the biggest player on the European market for photo services. When digital photography bloomed in the early 2000s, the company's digital archive of marketing assets also grew. CEWE primarily uses its archive when designing its advertising and marketing activities. Over the years, CEWE’s need for a media and image database had increased steadily. The company finally decided to introduce a new digital asset management (DAM) system for the future.

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  • AFP Marketing
    AFP Marketing

    AFP Marketing GmbH has been successfully doing business in the e-commerce sector for more than a decade. The company maintains two locations south of Bremen that employ about 90 people. AFP Marketing operates various online shops with diverse product ranges. Photos are a must for presenting products in an appealing way that promotes sales. The more products a company offers and the wider the variety of print and digital channels they use, the larger the photo database. AFP Marketing knows this all too well. Their photo archive is enormous. The company currently manages and uses around 200,000 images in its image database. These images are used in web shops and print publications, among other uses. Utmost efficiency is needed to manage and distribute these assets.

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  • TELE 5

    As a TV broadcasting company, TELE 5 distributes its programming to various platforms and channels, through which the station’s programming is broadcast and marketed. The company’s own 5flix media library, print program magazines such as “Hörzu” and “TV-Spielfilm”, and digital program guides provide information on weekly program listings. Visual stimuli for potential viewers – such as when reading the program guide or the film description – play a central role here: Alongside a brief description of the content and some background information, series and films are provided with expressive highlight images and, if necessary, additional visual material on the film or series to draw in potential viewers for the program. With an average of 10 to 15 program titles per day, this adds up to an enormous amount of image material, now standing at over 500,000 assets. Without efficient management, it would be easy to lose track of everything, wouldn’t it?


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  • profine GmbH
    profine GmbH

    profine GmbH has its hands full with its three brands: A wide variety of window, door and privacy protection systems are produced daily across worldwide production sites (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, China, India, USA) and delivered to sales locations, dealers and window manufacturers in numerous countries. Ensuring that such a global production and distribution network operates professionally, effectively and efficiently therefore requires excellent organization – entrepreneurially, logistically, but also in terms of data technology. After all, with over 450,000 tons of profiles produced every year that need to be distributed and sold, this results in quite a bit of digital data material.

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  • Hunkeler AG
    Hunkeler AG

    Hunkeler AG is a leading supplier to the world’s largest print machine manufacturers.  Since 1922, they have been developing and marketing innovative, world-class paper processing systems for high-capacity digital printing. With more than 280 employees and production and sales locations in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, Hong Kong, Brazil and North America, Hunkeler AG is the global market leader in the finishing of printed products. 

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  • Shopware
    Shopware Success Story

    A manufacturer of web shop systems can quickly accumulate hundreds of thousands of photos, graphics, videos and texts. And most companies don’t think much about how to handle the data until they are confronted with a huge flood of it. That was the situation for Shopware, the leading shop system manufacturer in Germany. They were fighting a daily battle to manage data and find files they needed and were losing that most valuable resource: time. This all changed with the integration of 4ALLPORTAL DAM.

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    LEONARDO story

    In the past, LEONARDO’s marketing department received 10 to 20 requests for image files on a daily basis – from both inhouse colleagues and external partners. After implementing the  4ALLPORTAL solution, these requests were reduced to practically null.

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  • visitBerlin
    visit berlin story

    As a major Berlin tourist agency with a variety of responsibilities, visitBerlin cooperates closely with a number of tourism partners such as hotels, airports, travel agencies and event organisers. It also works with media representatives to promote high-profile city marketing campaigns. Cooperation with partners from different sectors is therefore part of the company’s daily operations and has to be built on a firm foundation. After searching for technical assistance, visitBerlin found the perfect solution in the 4ALLPORTAL.

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  • Schindler
    Schindler Story

    At the close of 2014, Schindler AG launched a search for an innovative and rapid image data bank to install a corporate-wide, unified and copyright-secure software for their inhouse product, marketing and communications administration. Schindler had previously stored and organised photos, videos, graphics and documents over several server file systems and storage locations. The result was chaos. Repeated problems arose with media data applications, product communications were inconsistent, and employees received multiple duplicates of the same files.

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  • Litho Niemann
    Litho Story

    Litho was looking for a solution that would allow it to efficiently exchange data with its customers. In other words, it wanted an answer to the following question: how can we send highresolution images quickly and reliably to our customers?
    Some companies still use small JPG files, PDFs created from InDesign layouts or data libraries sent as zip files. However, creating previews like this takes time and requires the recipient to have the corresponding software to view them.

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