New partnership with enobis GmbH

With our development partner enobis GmbH in Bocholt, Germany, we’ve started integrating high-performance software from third-party providers, like priint comet for automated final page production (database publishing) based on Adobe InDesign, chili Publisher for personalising and customising assets, and the Magento store system for managing approvals, orders, stock management, payments and cost centre workloads, and supply management.

The 4ALLPORTAL has a modular design. Alongside media asset management , it offers a catalogue module for organising data in print environments, i.e. automated final page production for technical catalogues, for instance. The Branding module allows you to personalise and customise assets, e.g. when creating business cards or integrating assets into approval and order processes via the store system.

We are stronger as a team. That’s why we’ve launched a new initiative with our development partner enobis.

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