Enhanced visuals: Improved Chili Publisher integration

Improved Chili Publisher integration

Our 4ALLPORTAL Brand Shop users will soon have the best view. We have so optimised MAM integration that your Chili Publisher documents are displayed directly. No more encrypted detours! Users will immediately receive a preview of the approved Chili file layout, making MAM management remarkably more comfortable and user-friendly.

For those of you new to the Chili Publisher in our 4ALLPORTAL Brand Shop, Chili Publisher is the hot, new, online document editor for quick and easy, professional and personalised promotion material layouts. No matter whether you wish to integrate Chili Publisher into your B2C or B2B shop, into your inhouse marketing portal or an external franchise portal, it’s all child’s play. Apply Chili Publisher to create automated, customised marketing material – save time, reduce errors and present a unified public image.

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