Safety first! How to get on top of data security

We’ve all been there: the system has crashed… and suddenly important files are missing. To protect our customers from unpleasant surprises like this, we offer tailored, 360° data security concepts on request. Our 4ALLPORTAL MAM installation features all kinds of components that need data security safeguards – and you should regularly back up databases, file systems, derivatives and even server configurations.

We place particular importance on the security of the 4ALLPORTAL MAM’s core component, the SQL database. You should also carry out regular database dumps, i.e. full backups of all database tables. We currently support Oracle MySQL and Microsoft SQL. For especially important data, it’s worth considering dual protection, e.g. by replicating monitored file systems on another server or storage device.

We can provide all the hardware and software you need to implement a fully optimised data security concept. Our Managed Services team can also operate part or all of the system for you – no matter where it’s installed. Get in touch today to find out more.

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