Fast and easy data import from our digital asset management system TYPO3 connector

TYPO3 is a scalable open source content management system (CMS) used to develop and manage modern websites, intranets and online applications. What makes this particular CMS especially useful is that it can be integrated almost seamlessly into any development environment.

To make sure you can enjoy the benefits of the 4ALLPORTAL digital asset management system in combination with the TYPO3 CMS, we have developed our flexible TYPO3 connector, which can be configured according to the individual needs of the user.

Import assets in seconds with our TYPO3 DAM plug-in

Our TYPO3 plug-in for DAM makes it easy for you to integrate your assets from the 4ALLPORTAL digital asset management system into TYPO3 without having to go through any long and complicated workflows. If you want to integrate a number of product images from the media database into TYPO3, for example, the DAM TYPO3 connector allows you to do so with just a few clicks.

With our intelligent interface, you can also establish attributes like the image size, resolution and color profile of your assets. Then your TYPO3 CMS will end up with the perfect versions of your images.

But the best thing about the digital asset management TYPO3 connector is its performance. The process of manually exporting and adjusting assets might normally take 30 minutes or more, but with the DAM TYPO3 extension, you can import entire asset collections in just a few seconds.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Easy data exchange, in seconds, between the 4ALLPORTAL media asset management system and the TYPO3 CMS
  • No more manual editing of your assets in Photoshop
  • Flexible transfer of personalized metadata from the 4ALLPORTAL DAM system to your TYPO3 system media library
  • TYPO3 connector offers intuitive user features
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