Social media connector for digital asset management: post media files in social media without external tools

Social networks have become an important marketing and communication channel for companies of all industries. It is therefore essential to publish a regular supply of high-quality content on these platforms. Our social media connector for digital asset management makes this possible right from the DAM system. With a click, images, videos and other media files can be published in all the common social networks.


4ALLPORTAL DAM social media connector: the benefits in a nutshell

  • Supply all social media platforms from one central application
  • Locate and publish content quickly
  • Guarantee a consistent brand identity on all platforms
  • Huge time savings for social media managers

Social media integration for digital asset management: share content even more easily

Our social media plug-in for digital asset management allows you to access Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Xing, Instagram and Pinterest right from the 4ALLPORTAL DAM system. This seamless social-media and DAM integration results in numerous benefits. First of all, the search for required social media content becomes much easier and faster thanks to the powerful search feature of the DAM system. The system also ensures that you are using only approved assets. Furthermore, you ensure a consistent brand identity by using only one central data source for all social media.

Content is shared directly from the 4ALLPORTAL DAM system. Users simply select the required asset and click on a “Share” button in order to publish the desired media file. Naturally, the posts can also be edited before publication. This is done in a pop-up window of the DAM software. With this approach, your users no longer have to resort to external applications. There are no more elaborate data exchange processes either.