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Are you attending Henry Stewart's annual DAM San Diego conference on November 6-7? We are sponsoring the largest event dedicated to DAM! Join us at this year's gathering and use discount code 4ALLPORTAL100 for an extra $100 discount.

What is DAM San Diego?

  • DAM SAN DIEGO 2019
    DAM San Diego 2019

    Henry Stewart Events is the leading producer of Digital Asset Management content worldwide. As the West Coast's leading conference dedicated to DAM, we provide a unique environment to exchange knowledge, experiences and build long lasting professional networks.

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Date:  November 6, 2019 at 11:20am

Topic:  Meet the winner of The Great DAM NY Bake Off 2019!

The Great DAM Bake Off is a forum to provide attendees with succinct, comparative presentations on the latest DAM solutions.

DAM vendors will present a series of short, focused demos showing how their systems address specific business use cases. Attendees will help crown the “DAM San Diego 2019 Tastiest DAM” in a fast-paced entertaining set of competitive demos.

Expert judges will offer commentary, both attendees and the judges can ask tough questions, but YOU vote for the winner. Which system soufflé will rise to the top?


Date:  November 7, 2019 at 1:45pm

Topic:  During our TechLab „THE BENEFITS OF COMBINING PIM & DAM DATA SILOS“ our DAM Consultant Spencer Harris will show why an integration between a PIM and DAM would be of great value to a business. Explore our 4ALLPORTAL Live Demo in this TechLab Session to see the real benefits of an ‘all-in-one’ solution.

Speakers:   Dominic Vieregge, Director of Marketing and Sales – 4ALLPORTAL
                        Marcus Madej, Sr. Solutions Consultant – CyanGate


Seek and you shall find: our 4ALLPORTAL solutions for digital media asset management ­– for professional digital media asset management, automated catalogue production, uniform branding and reliable, expert IT services and infrastructure.

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