Core Engine29.11.2020

Core Engine - Version 3.8

4App “Core Engine” comprises the following new features or product improvements.

Admin Information:
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New feature - Admin info banner

We want to provide you with helpful admin information directly in our system. So we added info banner to each admin snap-in in the administration area. They give you a short description of a feature, hints for usage, and links to our technical documentation platform for further information.

Info banner are available for snap-ins of the 4Apps CoreEngine, DAM and Essentials so far.

Please note: Our documentation platform is currently a beta version. You need credentials to read our docs - please contact your account manager if you need access.

New feature - Security admin snap-in

CORS and CSP. As for CORS, it is now easy to add URLs to the allowed origins. Just add the complete URL including port and clear the configuration cache. A restart of the server is not necessary anymore.

Please note: Make sure to add the URL of the source system to "CORS allowed origins" when using our feature System Synchronization.

Main view tooltips added

We added some more tooltips to improve the usability of our system and to give users instant tips on basic functionalities. Look for them here:

  • header (CoreEngine, DAM, Essentials)
  • subheader (modules)
  • left sidebar (including search, filter, folder structure)
  • search control
  • rich tile (DAM)

All tooltips have unique labels (e.g. "L-M-TASK-INFO") that must be translated (e.g. "Go to Tasks"). When upgrading to 3.8, translations come automatically for all modules of our Apps CoreEngine, DAM and Essentials.

Attention! Upgrading CoreEngine, DAM and Essentials to 3.8. will bring tooltips to all modules. So if you use other 4Apps (e.g. our PIM), older versions of a 4App or custom modules, only the label key will show in your tooltip. Please make sure to translate the keys manually in your module's properties files.

New ClientTypes to configure ObjectRenderer and layouts

If you want to optimize your user interface for mobile devices, you can now configure ObjectRenderer and layouts especially for smartphones and tablets. For this purpose you need to set a different ClientType for mobile devices depending on the display size. Configure custom ObjectRenderer and layouts with the new ClientTypes Phone and Tablet

Users will then get all layouts and ObjectRenderer with ct_phone if they access the 4ALLPORTAL from a smartphone and all with ct_tablet if they access the 4ALLPORTAL from a tablet.

Please note: This is an option for a custom configuration and no pre-configuration in our standard product.

Other changes

  • Add expiry information to welcome- and password reset email
  • Change some labels, icons and tooltips in the administration e.g. in the App management area
  • Set loglevel for startup file sync and comet polling to trace
  • Enable multi selection for object versions (e.g. to delete multiple of them)
  • ListOperationActor is now able to reload operations, triggered by RefreshActor
  • Add field for user language selection to the user configuration
  • Support including a varchar(max) field for a database index on SQL Server
  • Support {$currentLanguage} as fieldRenderer default value to use the current user language as default value
  • Optimize the request management
  • Add confirmation for action "send_welcome_email" and "reset_password"
  • Implemented hide tooltip with click
  • Support using the "use_prevbase" option in the OIS configuration to allow or forbid the preview base file
  • Check the data path for accessibility ("health" check)
  • Improve Request Management performance, when looking for new jobs
  • Change opacity of selected role in role administration
  • Api: Change error result for request with a malformed body
  • Allow use of template engine template in module configuration for readdeleteeditassignmenu_entry and create permission. Before was only possible for module_access permission.
  • Use feature permission global.has_superadmin to allow a user to change the role of users
  • Only allow user with feature permission global.has_superadmin to create new users
  • Performance improvement of the file indexer due a file ID is only read when it is needed
  • Skip creating indexes on the modules that do not have database tables (create_table = false)
  • Api: Allow specifying the dimensions for endpoint /modules/{module}/objects/{id}
  • Prohibit the recursion in the tree structure
  • Info how to create an api key
  • Detect clientType Phone and Tablet on login

Resolved bugs

  • Fix translated-tooltip attribute did work correctly
  • Fix issue with the deletion of additional permission entry and sql server
  • Fix EditPopup behavior on legacy edge browser (saved searches)
  • Fix creating a role via installation replicator
  • Fix set video preview from ObjectImage service
  • Fix writing list IPTC/XMP fields such as IPTC:Keywords
  • Fix session cookie max age for api key login
  • Fix the reset of a reference index
  • Fix remove trailing spaces from user id in login method with SQL Server database
  • Fix fallback image for missing index of a media type
  • Fix stack-overflow, occurring with a special layout file constellation with changes
  • Fix mail service contains previous recipients. Get own instance of service for every mail with modelLocator.getBean(IMailService.class) or use spring autowired
  • Fix Preview SVG files to not be smaller as it is
  • Fix login blocked because failed_login_attempts not reset after successful login. Also avoid further non-successful logins for blocked users
  • Fix possible wrong ip and user_agent written to module login_attempt
  • Fix PAP connector get all dimensions for fields of type CEIdList (relation type FIELD_LINK)
  • Fix set default value in field renderer
  • Fix use the conditions with the SQL statement that contains the ":" character(s)
  • Fix get preview for "version" module for pageable file
  • Fix issue setting the native timestamp to null
  • Fix patching relation fields using the preview API
  • Fix role selection in system synchronization (always select all parent roles)
  • Fix wrong applications order after start up
  • Fix unknown user in get audit with MSSQL database
  • Fix restore scrolling position in object renderer
  • Fix remove session when logout with bearer token
  • Fix processing of the exclude attribute in object renderers
  • Fix value selection in field renderer from type "selection"
  • Fix marking after scrolling in the list
  • Fix get relation Beans without parent Bean
  • Fix show subpanel without result
  • Fix selection with shift in list component
  • Fix incomplete list of media types returned by GET api/modules/<module>/objects/<id>/media
  • Fix "now_relative" validation in datetime renderer
  • Fix add value option by Admin-SnapIn
  • Api: Fix response code (404) if the requested module was not found
  • Api: Fix issue when performing POST or PATCH on single or multiple objects
  • Fix prevent to set password with wrong method
  • Fix set owner_user and owner_role in set_multiple for module user
  • Fix username not unique when write with set_multiple
  • Fix ext_idconnector not unique for users created with connector <> none
  • Fix some security vulnerabilities
  • Fix missing typeahead tokens of some metadata indexes
  • Fix checking operation permission for subpanels when the objects requested via the multiple relationships
  • Fix unexpected logout with api key null
  • Api: fix setting the object type via PATCH or POST methods
  • Fix ignore recipients without email address set
  • Fix issue when trying to create a temporary file in the derivative service to perform some conversion operations on Windows Servers
  • Fix use new libraries to fix security vulnerabilities
  • Fix module search in administration
  • Fix doesn't set same site and secure for cookies for request with origin file://
  • Fix implement hashCode for CETypes
  • Fixed create version with configured watermark
  • Fix unordered values options
  • Fixed create subfolder
  • Fix problems with too many renderer loaded at once
  • TypeAHead: support new values for fields with value options
  • Definition of decimal places in Number Renderer has been corrected
  • Fix concurrency perform the job request of the different type
  • Fallback not existing theme icons to default theme

Have you missed an update?

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