Automatisierte Katalogerstellung

Automated, practical, great:
produce automated catalogues and inserts with ease

Our Catalogue module is a genuine automation expert! Now you can easily create print-ready catalogues and professional online catalogues using up-to-date product data at the click of a button.

Kataloge automatisiert erstellen

Create and update catalogues automatically

Automatically create your product catalogue at the click of a button and integrate data through interfaces with different data sources like SAP or image databases. Our Catalogue module adds up-to-date product information to pre-defined page templates to build your brand-new catalogue page by page in seconds. What’s more, dynamic, pre-made templates and layouts will be tweaked and additional pages will be automatically created as necessary. You’ll love the intuitive translation template, which provides an automatic translation of your catalogue content in other languages. Our Catalogue module can also help with graphics. During production, Catalogue creates soft proofs of images and preview pages that allow you to monitor and correct colour and contrast for the entire publication. This means you can avoid costly mistakes and create high-quality, professional catalogues and inserts that your customers will love!

4 ALLPORTAL Katalogprojekte verwalten

Manage catalogue projects and organise teamwork

Get a great overview of your catalogue projects with our intuitive, user-friendly project overview. You’ll be able to see scheduled, ongoing and completed projects, as well as up-to-the-minute changes to your plans, and can use a myriad of criteria to filter the results. From the status bar, your entire team will be able to see what phase each project is in. At the same time, our Catalogue module actively promotes teamwork by allowing multiple users to work together on several ongoing projects at once. Simply assign and monitor tasks assigned to individual team members using the task function, comment on individual pages, documents or projects, and leave notes wherever they’re needed. You can also work safe in the knowledge that you can restore previous versions of individual pages or assets using the handy Change History feature.