Individuelle Marketingmaterialien

Make a lasting impression:

create your own tailored marketing materials to match your corporate design

Our Brand Shop module is your partner for professional marketing. Now you can create automated, professional marketing materials to match your company’s corporate design, from commercial documents to product brochures – saving you precious time and money. Brand Shop is a truly innovative marketing tool that combines a media asset management tool, online store and online document editor in a single piece of software.

Boost your marketing prospects: With Brand Shop, you can create professional, tailored marketing materials in minutes.

Create an instant snapshot of your materials: Using the Brand Shop 3D Simulator, you can visualise your marketing materials directly in your desired Environment.

Enjoy high usability: Our Brand Shop module is fun and easy to use without graphic design Knowledge.

Reduce inefficient communications: By automating workflows with our Brand Shop solution, you can reduce unnecessary back-and-forth on file coordination and approval, meaning Brand Shop can save you time and Money.

Marketingmaterial erstellen

Web2Print: create your own tailored marketing materials

Quickly and reliably create print-ready marketing materials in your browser with our easy-peasy Brand Shop module – all without additional design programs or licences. How does it work? Imagine that you’re the marketing director for a DIY store that advertises its products throughout Germany each month using print and online product brochures. Instead of hiring a communications agency or graphic designer for each new brochure, you can simply create brochures yourself in your browser. Import different templates to match your corporate design, tailor each marketing document – from business cards to flyer copy – and finalise your new materials at the click of a button. You’ll then have a print-ready PDF that you can use online or in print to advertise your products. As the 4ALLPORTAL Media Asset Management tool is fully integrated into the Brand Shop module, you can also access all your pictures and graphics (e.g. product images) and insert them into your marketing materials with ease. Thanks to Brand Shop’s product information management tool, you can also automatically save product data for individual items in marketing brochure templates.

Abstimmungsschleifen verringern, Workflows optimieren

Reduce inefficient communications through automated workflows

Anyone who has to create a new marketing brochure needs to organise lots of different people at once. The graphic designer will create a layout design, the photographer will take suitable photographs, the Marketing team will write winning copy, the Head of Marketing will approve the creatives and the printer will print and distribute the brochures – and more people are probably involved along the way. This makes project coordination a difficult and time-consuming task. Our Brand Shop module will help to reduce your workload and automatically organise workflows and approval processes from a single, centralised system. As a result, photos, text and layout drafts only have to be added to Brand Shop once by a brand administrator. Then, advertisers – such as the regional branches of a nationwide DIY store – can adapt the draft template to their local market. In no time at all, you’ll have a finished marketing brochure – without having to go through several rounds of organisation and approval by email or phone.

Webshop im Corporate Design

Design your own online store

Alongside its digital asset management and document editing features, our Brand Shop solution enables you to design your own online store. Tailor your online store to your company’s corporate design or let us design it for you based on your own unique criteria. Use tile view to get a quick overview of your marketing materials, including flyers, banners and business cards, and store detailed product descriptions and view enlarged images of your marketing products using the zoom function. You can send ordered items directly to your in-house printer or export them as a print-ready PDF. You can also set up Brand Shop user budgets to help you keep control of your costs. Finally, interfaces will allow you to link different IT systems, including ERP, CRM and SAP. Of course, our Brand Shop online store feature is mobile friendly and responsive, allowing you to order your marketing materials quickly and easily on the move.

Marketingmaterialien in 3D vsiualisieren

Visualise your marketing materials in 3D

Present your idea in a 3D setting to better illustrate how your print materials will interact with the environment. You can add your print items to 3D objects like cans, pens and bottle openers or to packaging materials like boxes or packages. Alternatively, you can create animations for your packaging or print objects to present folding materials more clearly and vividly to end users. Thanks to 3D visualisation, you’ll get a hyper-realistic view of your marketing materials, allowing you to better calculate their potential impact.